5 Money Saving Vehicle Maintenance Tips

We know that being a vehicle owner is a huge investment that not only includes up front costs and more than likely monthly payments, but also money put towards services and maintenance that your vehicle needs. Unfortunately, the majority of vehicle owners don't stay on top of recommended services, which causes major system to have issues. These problems end up costing more money on repairs which could of been prevented with good car care.  Many people don't realize this, but vehicle maintenance is actually the best way to save money on car costs over time. Here are our 5 money saving vehicle maintenance tips that will keep your vehicle running well and help keep money in your pocket:  Pay attention to your tires - be sure that the tires always have the correct air pressure and that they are rotated regularly to ensure even wear and help you avoid flats and blowouts on the road.  Keep your car battery clean -  a quick visit to the auto repair shop can have ... read more

Strange Car Noises to Pay Attention To

You drive your vehicle often, which means you are accustomed to the way that your vehicle drives. A strange noise can come unexpectedly, and if you notice a noise that sticks around, it may be in your best interest to have your vehicle inspected here at Monticello Auto Service as soon as possible.  A strange noise could indicate that your vehicle needs a repair. Be sure to make note of where and when you hear the noise and what it sounds like. This will help our experts better understand the source of the noise and what the problem may be.  Strange car noises to pay attention to include:  Hissing sound coming from underneath the hood Squealing noise or chirping noises coming from tires Clicking noise coming from underneath the hood Scraping or grinding noises while braking Roaring noise coming from the exhaust Rapping or banging noise coming from underneath the hood As soon as you hear one of the noises listed above, stop by Monticello Auto Service for an inspect ... read more

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