What are the Top Seasonal Vehicle Repairs?

Our vehicles are vast operations that serve us well, yet can get worn over time. Parts become frail and collect grime, tire treads hone down, and fluids drain. There are so many needed repairs that come with each season, and every unique time of the year calls for different auto repair and maintenance services.

Most cars need an oil change at least once every ninety days or every 3,000 miles, but intervals can vary depending on make and model. Tire rotations are also a good choice and should be done once in the fall and in the spring. The idea is to save you money on new tires while slowing down on tread wear and tear.

Other springtime maintenance typically involves an inspection of and replacement of the timing chain, along with checking the door latch of your trunk. Since your timing chain allows all the other parts of your engine to work together in harmony, getting it replaced when needed is highly essential.

There are more maintenance tasks that take place in the spring, such as an inspection on your brakes, suspension, and steering. Another item on the list is your wheel speed sensor, which is responsible for controlling traction, especially during the winter months. After spending an entire season navigating the ice and snow, it can get worn and may need replacing. Other popular repair tasks involve the inspection of automatic doors and windows for modern cars.

Summertime maintenance includes timing chains, oil changes, and fan clutches. The fan clutch is a thermostatic fan responsible for keeping your engine cool during summer. Without it, overheating could become a fatal threat. Other tasks include checking your AC and cooling fans for your personal comfort.

Heater system repair is the main concern for those looking to winterize their vehicles. Heater systems are also an issue for the winter, as are wiper blades and washer fluid. Most want to get the air springs fixed for better suspension, and replacing an engine distributor can keep your vehicle safe during the winter.

Seasons change, and so do the maintenance needs of your car. Keeping it in shape is a top priority. If you need seasonal repairs, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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