Does My Car Really Need Fluid Exchanges?

Vehicle maintenance is one of the easiest ways to increase the life expectancy of your engine and avoid costly repairs that result from neglect. While some issues such as flat tires and knocking engines are easy to identify, the internal systems of your vehicle can go unchecked for years if you aren't specifically looking for problems in that area.

Why Fluids Need to be Changed

As much as they try, car manufacturers aren't able to create a fully sealed-off system that completely filters contaminants from the air and fuel. This leads to dirt and other particulates wiggling their way into hoses and seals. Enough of this build-up and you'll start finding clogged fluid lines, blocked by debris much like a clogged artery as the fluids in a vehicle are its lifeblood.

Fluids, Besides Oil, You May Need To Change

Most car owners know to get their oil changed at regular intervals. You may even have a little sticker on your windshield with a date and mileage reminder to schedule your next one. Just like oil changes, fluid exchanges should always be done with a trusted and reputable mechanic at a fully-equipped auto shop.

Transmission Fluid

Responsible for providing the right amount of power and torque, your transmission works under extreme heat and pressure and requires transmission fluid to maintain the integrity and avoid damages. Usually recommended every 35,000 miles, be sure to check your owner's manual for your car's specific requirements.

Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is one of the best advancements in vehicle technology, utilizing fluids to position your tires via the steering wheel instead of just brute force. While you may never need this changed, it's a good idea to have it checked if you notice difficulties turning the wheel.

Brake Fluid

Evidence that your brake fluid needs replacing is seen as rust-colored moisture that has set up shop in your brake systems. Made worse by overheating, this can be avoided by taking care to avoid too many off-road adventures in your vehicle.

If you recognize any of these symptoms or know you need fluid services performed, don't hesitate to give our repair shop a call today!

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