Eating While Driving: Is it Safe?


America lives on fast food and take-out for one reason: we are always on the go. We aren't here to lecture you on whether fast food is good or not. However, we do want to question whether it is safe to eat in your car while driving. You might wonder, is it even legal? Let's discuss whether or not you should pull over for that double bacon cheeseburger. 


Is it Safe? - 3 Types of Distracted Driving

The simple answer is: No. Eating while simultaneously driving poses three kinds of distracted driving: physical, cognitive,and visual

  • Physical disturbances are any distraction that causes the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel. An example of this would be holding a burger in one hand while steering. 
  • Cognitive distraction is when a driver's concentration is divided between the road and something else. 
  • Visual distractions cause the driver's eyes to divert from the road.

Most people struggle to eat without looking at their food. Unfortunately, eating encompasses all three types of distractions mentioned above, leading to a dangerous and deadly combination. If you do order take-out food, you need to either pull over to enjoy your meal fully or wait until you get to your destination to eat. 


Fun Fact: Hot chocolate, coffee, doughnuts, and hamburgers are the top 4 most dangerous foods to eat while driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


By waiting for your vehicle to come to a stop to eat, you can minimize the risk of getting into an accident and costly repairs. Repair costs can solely convince you to consider pulling over to eat. Additionally, it will also keep your vehicle clean and grease-free. 


Is It Illegal to Eat While Driving?

There are no laws that explicitly say that you can't eat while driving. It can, however, significantly increase your risk of driving erratically and causing an accident which will lead to heavy fines.


Anything that averts your attention from the road can be viewed as a distraction. Unfortunately, distracted driving is a deadly price to pay to curb your hunger, so to be safe, just don't do it. 


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