Important Signs It’s Time for A Brake Service

When you press on your brake pedal, your vehicle should immediately slow or come to a complete stop. If you’re pulling up to a red light and your car is struggling to stop, it may be time for a brake service. Your vehicle’s owner manual may not have a clear indication of when the brake pads should be replaced. Their service interval depends on your driving habits and road conditions. If you drive fast, repeatedly slam on the brake pedal, or coast the car while holding the brakes, you may need to have your brakes serviced more frequently. Below are five common signs that it may be time for a brake service.

The Brake Light Comes On
Most vehicles are equipped with electric sensors that will alert you if there’s a brake problem. Never wait for the brake light to illuminate the dashboard to motivate you to get a brake service. Once the brake light comes on, the brake pads have already worn down to a specific point, and damage may have already occurred.

Brake Noise
As the brakes become worn, a screeching or squealing sound will signify that the brake pad has started to scrape against the brake disc. If the brake pads are completely worn, a noticeable metal-on-metal grinding sound will occur when you press on the brake pedal. 

A Burning Smell
A brake problem can also occur when there’s a leak. If brake fluid leaks and hits the hot engine components, a strong burning smell will become apparent.  

A warped brake disc can cause the brake pedal to pulsate with light to moderate braking. Vibrating isn’t normal and shouldn’t occur when braking; it’s best to have this inspected by an automotive expert to diagnose the issue. 

Longer Stopping Distance
If you need to push the brake pedal all the way down to the floor, get it to stop, the brakes may be worn. Brake pads wear out over time. If it takes longer to bring the car to a stop, it’s time for a brake service.

Brake Service and Repair in Monticello, MN

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