What Does Brake Fluid Do?

Brake fluid is an important part of your vehicle's braking system. It is a hydraulic fluid that helps to create the pressure necessary to make the brakes work as they should. Under high pressure and a high temperature, this fluid creates the force your brakes need. The brake fluid lies within the brake lines, and hydraulic pressure is created when you press on the brake pedal. This force causes the brake pad to press against the rotor, which in turns slows your wheels and stops your tires. 

Here is the process of the brake system: 

  • You press on the brake pedal
  • The pedal in turn compresses a piston inside the brake caliper
  • The compression of this process increases the brake line pressure and sends the brake fluid in motion
  • The pressure of that brake fluid will cause the brake rotors to squeeze on the brake pads, which will then make contact with the wheels. This will eventually slow and stop the wheels. 

When it comes to the type of brake fluid that your vehicle requires, the best source for this information is your vehicle's owner's manual. In this manual, you will find the brake fluid that is recommended for your specific make and model of vehicle. When dealing with your vehicle's brakes, though, we always recommend that you bring your vehicle into our experts here at Monticello Auto Service and avoid doing any brake work yourself. 

The brake fluid does need to be exchanged periodically, because over time brake fluid can become contaminated with air and become less effective. It is typically recommended to replace this brake fluid every two years or so, but the proper interval will also be laid out by your vehicle's owner's manual.

If you ever suspect that you have an issue with your brakes, don't ignore. We recommend bringing your vehicle into the experts here at Monticello Auto Service at the first sign of an issue. Ignoring the problem can make matters worse, and we want to ensure your safety on the road. Give us a call or stop by today! 

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