Important Winter Driving Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

Learning to handle your vehicle in all weather conditions is critical. Every season has its challenges in driving, but winter has many challenges that give drivers numerous struggles. Snowy and icy roads have resulted in significant accidents globally. The winter fog makes it difficult for drivers to see, slow down and even stop making it difficult to navigate on the road.

Learning to hack winter driving is critical to avoid accidents during the snowy season. These winter driving tips are critical for all drivers, and they will help them navigate through the season.

Maintain distance

In winter, a distance of 8 to 10 seconds is essential. It is different from a distance of 3 seconds in normal driving conditions. The distance empowers you to break in time in case the drive ahead makes a sudden stop.

Keep a Winter Survival Kit and a Winter Driving Kit

It is easy for you to get stuck in the snow during winter when driving. As part of the winter driving kit, ensure you keep essential items such as a small folding shovel, tow, tire chains, battery-powered flashlights, and extra batteries. Do not forget jumper cables for starting the car in case the battery dies. For the winter survival Kit, ensure you carry an extra blanket, warm clothing, first aid kit, and other winter gear to keep yourself warm in case of emergencies.

Understand and Drive for the Condition

Driving during winter requires uttermost caution. Ensure to maintain the appropriate speed limits on the road. Don't let the pressure of the driver behind you compel you to speed while disregarding your instincts. If need be, pull your vehicle aside to let them pass.

Avoid Cruise Control

Although cruise control improves fuel economy, avoid using it during the winter. Cruise control keeps the car at a consistent speed, and during unpredictable winter conditions, cruise control is not an effective driving practice since it might mislead the vehicle.

Regular Tire Checks

Before setting out for a drive during winter, make it a habit of regularly checking the tires. Inspect the tire treads for uneven or extreme wear

Respect Snowplows

When driving behind a snowplow, maintain a four-car length distance from the snowplow to avoid your vehicle's damage. The sand and brine spraying behind the snowplow might damage your vehicle, and the distance is critical. It further ensures that you avoid the snowplow blind spots.

Know When to Stay Off-Road

Winter conditions may get worse and dangerous for you to keep on driving. A dangerous snowstorm might get to you on a long commute. Constantly check the weather forecast to know when to stay off the road and avoid fatal road calamities during the season.

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