How to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Keeping your vehicle spotless is hard to do, especially when you drive every day and you often have passengers in your car. Getting into your car every day and finding it to be clean and tidy can put you in a better mood and prevent feeling stressed from having to drive a dirty vehicle. 

Having a clean car has other benefits too, such as increasing your car's overall value when the time comes to sell. So if you drive your car daily, have kids, or have multiple passengers every day, here are some helpful tips that will keep your vehicle's interior clean throughout the years: 

  • Always remove trash from your vehicle
  • If you bring drinks inside your car, make sure they have a cap or lid to prevent spilling
  • Try to avoid eating inside your car
  • Keep pre-moistened wipes in your vehicle to easily wipe down surfaces
  • Clean out your cup holders every week
  • Vacuum your seats every now and again
  • Use floor mats and clean them often

Keeping your car interior clean will not only protect your vehicle, but it will help you avoid being stressed over a messy vehicle. If your car is due for maintenance or needs a service, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Monticello Auto Service today. 

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