3 Signs It’s Time for a Transmission Flush

Most drivers are familiar with the best time to get an oil change but may completely forget about their transmission. The transmission is vital because it ensures the correct amount of power is sent from the engine to the wheels while driving at various speeds. Within the transmission is the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is similar to the engine oil, in which its primary function is to lubricate. However, outside of lubricating the transmissions moving parts, it also keeps it cool and works as a hydraulic fluid to facilitate smooth gear shifts. As time passes, the transmission fluid will eventually deteriorate due to stop and go traffic and hauling excessive weight. If the transmission fluid deteriorates, your vehicle will experience a decrease in performance and may develop costly mechanical issues. If your transmission fluid has deteriorated, it may be time to schedule a transmission flush. Below are three major signs your vehicle has a faulty transmission. 

Difficult Gears 

Automotive and manual transmission vehicles need clean transmission fluid for the gears to shift efficiently. If the transmission fluid is old, sludge can build up and cause the gear to have inadequate shift time. Or, in some cases, it can prevent the gear from shifting altogether.  

Grinding Noise

As you drive, the transmission fluid picks up pollutants and can start to become bogged down. If the transmission is making a grinding sound, check the level and quality of the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is full, but it’s lost its typical red hue, it may be time for a transmission flush.  

Car Surges Forward 

If the transmission fluid is contaminated with a large amount of dirt or debris, it can prevent it from flowing properly. If the transmission isn’t getting an adequate amount of fluid, your vehicle can jump forward or backward without warning. 

Transmission repair and maintenance in Monticello, MN 

Not all vehicles may need a transmission flush, so it’s important to have your transmission inspected to see what type of service would be best for your specific vehicle. A transmission fluid change is recommended every 30,000 miles for most vehicles. However, if you’re noticing any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are a family-owned automotive shop with over 39 years of experience servicing all vehicle makes and models

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